Tandems flying in Georgia

Max Paragliding Team offers tandem flights from Gudauri ski resort, and the local ridges. We makes it possible for you to enjoy a paragliding experience in the form of a tandem flight during your summer & winter vacation in Georgia. There is no prior experience necessary for a tandem flight,and age is not a factor. We can get just about anyone up on a tandem flight.


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FAQs – Most Questions Answered

What is a paraglider?

Paragliders are non-rigid, crescent shaped wings made from nylon fabric. Air flows into openings at the front of the wing to inflate the glider and give its shape. The pilot and passenger are seated in comfortable harnesses and suspended below the wing on a number of high strength lines.

How much experience or training is required?

No experience or training is required for you the passenger, however the pilots are fully qualified and experienced to ensure a safe and joyful flight. Before takeoff all passengers are given a short briefing by their pilot. Moments later you will be soaring through the air, seated comfortably, wondering why you were so nervous!

Is tandem paragliding dangerous?

Tandem paragliding has an excellent safety record, both within our company and throughout Georgia. It is true that there are generally a number of serious accidents each year throughout the world involving mainly solo pilots, but obtaining a professional tandem licence in Georgia is a very involved, lengthy, costly and rigorous process, which means that only the best pilots get through. In all of our combined years of tandem flying we have experienced a couple of grazed knees and a sprained ankle.

Where we take-off?

All our flights are selected to ensure maximum safety and fun.
Our flight areas are: Mountains near Gudauri ski-resort.

Paragliding take-off video:

What do I need to bring or wear?

In winter, if you are on a skiing holiday, then your ski clothes are ideal. Be sure to bring your best gloves, a scarf or face warmer and some type of warm hat. Good boots are recommended as we may have to walk through some deeper snow. Bring your video or still camera with you. In winter though, make sure that the battery is fully charged as they tend to go flat very quickly during the flight due to the cold air. In the summer, shoes with good grip or hiking boots are preferable. Just wear comfortable clothing. We carry extra wind-proof overalls with us for you to use. If you are taller than 1.9m or size XL you should wear long trousers and a wind-proof jacket. It is fine to wear sunglasses or corrective glasses.

How Long Will The Paragliding Flight Last?

The turn around time for the whole experience is about one hour. The actual flight time depends on the weather conditions on the day. Flights generally last anything from 15 to 20 minutes.

I want a longer flight. Is this possible?

Depending on the weather conditions and our booking schedule it may be possible to extend your flight. As paragliders need to circle in rising air currents (thermals) to stay up for longer, this is only possible from spring till mid autumn.

How Do We Pay?

Due to the nature of our business we prefer to only take payment in cash after the flight has been done.

How Do I Get My In Flight Pictures And Video?

Your pilot will give you a link to download the video file or a re-usable microSD card directly after the flight has been completed.

Where Can I Stay In Gudauri?

There are various different types of accommodation available ranging from Hotels, Luxury Apartments, Hostels and  Backpackers.